A Chanel For Every Girl

Style Fragment, Chanel, Far Fetch, Vintage

When purchasing your first Chanel bag how does one choose? Should you go the traditional route? Or for something unique? Honestly, I've always been the type of girl that goes with the one I can't stop thinking about. If I sleep on it (dream about it) then that's the one, and classic versus trendy usually goes out the window. For this post, I have rounded up a Chanel for every girl. For the traditional girl, I've chosen this Chanel shoulder bag in beige. The color is perfect for both spring and fall. You can wear it with cream, grey, black, brown, navy and many other colors. If you've collected Chanel for while, and have all the basic colors, I say now it's time for some texture, try this Chanel tweed shoulder bag. The windowpane print is fabulous. If you're more the trendy type, this Chanel Lucky Charm shoulder bag is perfect. It provides you with the traditional quilting, but says you've got edge with the embellishments. For the girl who likes to hit the highway every weekend, this Chanel tote can double as a duffle bag. Another favorite is for the corporate girl, this vintage Chanel tote is simple enough for the office, and spacious enough for all you're corporate documents.