Lilly Pultizer Really girl?!

Jimmy Choo Lilly Pultizer Really Girl
I normally do not post on Sundays, but I really wanted to share what I witnessed, I'll call it my "really girl" moment. Early this morning, I headed to Target to check out the Lilly Pulitzer collaboration. I had no plans to purchase anything, as the clothes are not exactly my style, too Palm Springs for me. But I was interested in seeing the home goods up close. Still no intention to buy a damn thing. Anyway, as I worked my way to the back of the store for the Garden section, a young lady came in and asked yelled at the sales person, "is this all? Is this all that is left! Its just 8:20am and there's nothing. This is so ridiculous, you should limit people on how much they can buy, ugh". Then she stormed off. I honestly, looked her crazy and thought "really girl, is it that serious?". I know that my response was probably not polite or not very southern of me. But all I could think is how crazy is it for her crazed brand addicts to have a full on 5 year old tantrum over a brand. Don't get me wrong I enjoy fashion as much as the next girl, but I refuse to cry, scream, or fall out over a piece of fabric. Hello. It's just clothes. They hold no tangible value. Is this the wrong way of thinking? I know that clothes and certain things make us feel good about ourselves, but is it necessary to behave like its the end of the world for it? Usually, when I want something, specifically a material something, if its no longer available I just tell myself it wasn't meant to be. And I move on. Am I alone in thinking that acting like a poor behaved child for material things is well, ridiculous?

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