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While, I have a beauty routine that is tried and true, I still find myself wanting to update my beauty supply. It is extremely important for me to have great skin, awesome makeup, and a amazing scent. That's why today, I've rounded up the next beauty buys, I'm jumping to try. I've never been much of a eyelash curler type of girl, but while at the rodeo I saw a lady with amazing eyelashes (she got from curling) and thought it was time I give it a try. I also want to try this new Flowerbomb Rose from Viktor & Rolf, love the regular Flowerbomb, so why not. I also recently became a fan of Charlotte Tilbury (her magic cream is amazing), so naturally I want to see what this Goddess Clay Mask is about. Last but not least, this Nars lip gloss in  Guyane is the perfect sheer for days at the beach. And while we're on the subject of the beach, these Sephora brushes are perfect for spring and summer travel. 

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