iPHONE 6/6 Plus Cases

chanel (my friend designed) | agate | pomegranate 

So, this weekend I'm suppose to take the plunge and finally order the iPhone 6.  It is time for an upgrade but it took me a minute to wrap my brain around another phone change.  And quite honestly, I'm still debating between iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.  Anyways, getting a new phone comes with getting new phone accessories, particularly new iPhone 6 cases.  I've always been the type of girl who changes her case with her outfit, which got me thinking about what I'm going to "dress" my new phone in.  So, I've round up a few of my favorites from Society 6.  

Here are a few others I like...polka rain, carpe diem, real marble, bubble, peonies, and BIGGIE.

Have a fab weekend!

xo, Yolonda