Image 1 of CAPE DRESS WITH LOW BACK from Zara
Image 3 of CAPE DRESS WITH LOW BACK from Zara
I know that we have the world wide web available at our disposal but when it comes to ZARA, I prefer to shop in store.  Mainly, because I  vary in size when it comes to the ZARA brand. Unfortunately, the Houston ZARA is still closed for a remodel. Don't get me wrong I'm excited for the new space, but I wish they would hurry up already, especially since I'm extremely interested in this dress. Ugh! I just want to try it on, I don't feel like ordering, trying, then sending it back if it doesn't fit. Sorry! I know you didn't come here for a bitch fest, but I had to point out the spoils of online shopping.  Anyway, back to this dress. The  kelly green color is perfect for any skin tone, the back is sexy, and the ruffled cape is feminine. It is one hauté number, wouldn't you say?

I also like this sequinned jacket, this animal tunic, this abstract printed shorts, and these jeweled booties from ZARA. 

Have a great weekend!

xo, Yolonda