Outside of blogging, shopping, and traveling, hosting happens to be one of my favorite things to do.  And this past weekend, I did just that.  I hosted a spring brunch as a toast to the holiday to come and the season that's here.  Easter Sunday, is nearly here and if you're planning to host a brunch here are a few of my tips and suggestions.
A week in advance
1. Put your menu together. 
2. Select and purchase decor items. 
3. Put together a playlist.  Jazz is great for these conversational events.
The night before
1. Set the table with seasonal dishes, like these. Be sure to turn down, to prevent overnight 
2. Bake any and all goods, for this brunch dessert we had lemon bars and carrot cake, yum!
3. Select your hostess outfit, from jewelry to dress to shoes.  
     If you lay your ensemble out early, you won't struggle the day of with questions, like 'OMG, 
     what should I wear?".
The day of 
1. Shower and dress, be sure to cover yourself with an apron. 
2. Cook the entrees and mix the mimosas. 
3. Place food on table. 
4. Sit down and enjoy with your guests! 

Another go to girl for tips, recipes and more is gal pal, Martha

xo, Yolonda