Lately, I have been a bit stress which has lead me to buying unnecessary things.  At first, I was doing well, focusing on only the things I need for my trip to the Dominican Republic.  But this week, I managed to but a few inexpensive and unneeded items. But no worries, I will be taking a pause or at least I will attempt to get back on track. This will undoubtedly be a challenge, but I'm going to take note from blogger buddy, Jessica. Earlier this week, Jessica posted these no shop strategies: 
Good strategies, right? Well, my challenge, starts, today. And if, I'm successful, then next month will be an amazing shopping adventure. I will have had plenty of time to think and save for BIG ticket items, which is perfect, because Jessica and I share a birthday...May 30. Wish me luck!

 And if your curious about my unnecessary purchases, here's what I got:
  • This dress from Rachel Roy. I haven't received it yet, but I think it was a pretty good buy. 
  • The next day, I placed another Rachel Roy order for this shirt, this necklace in clear and these earrings. Love the jewelry, but this shirt was a no-go. Too tight in the breast (these F cups are hard to dress sometimes). Ugh! I really loved the shirt...oh well. 
  • On Wednesday, I was killing time between outings and stopped into Old Navy. I'm not a huge fan of Old Navy but I've been hearing great things about it. So, I stopped in. And I'm glad I did. I found these and this shirt, which will be perfect to wear in a couple of weeks, to Southern University Alumni Picnic.  
  • I've been in search for a few Texas heat appropriate dresses, specifically for days at the pool and the Lake (Lake Austin). So, I ordered this one from Forever 21. It's perfect, short and lightweight.
This is all. Have a great weekend!

xo, Yolonda