I know it's Tuesday and that I normally spare you on the fashion, but I took a much needed break yesterday from posting. Trust me, it was needed, mainly because I spent most of my time preoccupied with family things, a little bit of cleaning and a hint shopping.  With my 2-hour shopping expedition, I managed to stop by the new and improved Club Monaco

For you guys who are in Houston (or soon to be visiting), you have to see the new and improved Club Monaco.  It is awesome!  The location is bigger, which means more inventory and style options. Yippee!  And it's space is nicely designed in shades of blues, grays, white and other beachy colors, i.e. so attractive, you can't help but to spend money! 

I also managed to pop into Nordstrom and get these Kut by Kloth jeans

Here are a few pieces I have my eyes on.... 
Happy Tuesday! 

xo, Yolonda