The year has just started and I've already pinned to just over two weeks I have pinned over 150 times.  With all the social media outlets available, Pinterest is by far my favorite.  I love having a place to visit for inspiration on pretty much anything and subject, from food to home design, from fashion to recipes and party hosting. Pinterest is my obsession! 
Here are a few of my favorites so far...
Spicy Buffalo Chicken Pizza Ashley Owens, HVRMINN, and Kevin Wang shot by Justin Chung
 Frosted Phrase Vase DIY - A BEAUTIFUL MESS Power to the pineapple
   Happily Grey Love her color! #naturalhair   {photographer profile: bill cunningham} - Marcus DesignKRISTEN NIX'S HOUSTON FAMILY HOME
I also like this one, its very honest to say the least.  A lot said in two short words, right? 

Do you enjoy pinning? Or have you said no to social media in 2014?

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Happy Pinning! 
XO, Yolonda