Q: What is your beauty regimen?
A:  I am really simple, I use face wash and moisturizer everyday. I have an embarrassingly unsophisticated regimen for my hair; I get a trim about 3 times a year, and usually wear it loose and messy. I love being able to just get up and go and not have to take too much time prepping. I stay pretty active!
Q: What is the one beauty product you can’t live without? 
A:  Moisturizer - of any kind!
Q: The holidays are coming, what do you do to amp your look up?  
A:  Ha ha! Well, believe it or not, I just had my  hair trimmed! That’s a start! I will usually splurge on a nice new pair of heels for the holidays, something sexy and smart.  I will also be on the hunt for some edgy accessories I can dress up any LBD with.   I do also go on the hunt for a new beauty product, maybe this year a red lipstick or a smoky eye for a special event! Oh yea… let’s not forget that I need to make sure I buy a new bottle of my favorite scent… Stella, I’m totally out! I can’t go anywhere without smelling good!  
Q: Who are your beauty icons?  
A:  Lucille Ball for her classic glamorous beauty and sense of humor.  Billie Piper - I tend to appreciate actresses with features that distinguish them among the masses… Billie’s big smile helps me feel comfortable with the fact that I have a big smile too!  And Sofia Vergara for her loud personality, confidence and most importantly, her humor!
Q: What is your style philosophy?  
A: Comfortable, versatile but always presentable. I like to be comfortable. The less opportunity I have to be fidgety with any garment I am wearing the better.  Personally, I appreciate bold colors and textures. I like asymmetrical clothing and clean lines.  I also appreciate the more rugged, sporty looks;  I tend to employ on the weekends when I’m just hanging around...I’m somewhat of a chameleon.  I can go from jeans and flip flops, to changing in the car for a music festival to running home and getting ready for a wedding! Everyone’s getting married these days aren't they?
Q: What five essentials should every fashionista have in her closet?  
A: 1. A classic, crisp white, fitted button up oxford shirt is a must!
    2. Anything with a little lace - especially black lace - a dress, a skirt, or a shirt.
    3. A good pair of black leather pointy pumps.
    4. Camel colored belt, shoes or a purse. Or all to match.
    5. A little bling… jewelry or otherwise.
Q: What are your top shops to get bargains? Or budget friendly fashion?  
A: Well, I am not really an online shopper so although I know you can pick up some great deals online… I am more of an instant gratification kind of girl.  I like to get basics from CottonOn.  I get most trendy things from Target, XXI, almost anywhere. Oh and my favorite Francesca’s!
PS, It’s totally okay, to splurge on a few signature pieces.
Q: What’s your favorite style to rock, boho, preppy, urban jungle, goth, punk, etc?
A: Honestly, I like to mix it up. As mentioned before, I’m a bit of a chameleon. I can go from jeans, flip flops and a tank top to glamming it up. I love to dress up! But, if I had to choose, I would probably choose “Wednesday Adams Sheik, Sartorialist Relaxed and Fierce Rocker”
that should cover it!
Q: Heels or Flats?
A: Heels! I’m short!
Q: Have you always wanted to be an architect? What led you down this path?  
A: I have always had a love of the arts and science.  Architecture felt like the natural path to explore both.  My family is full of designers and artists with more technical points of view;
growing up around this made me have the passion and drive to pursue something that fulfilled both.
Q: What was your first job out of college, what was it like? 
A: I was a cashier at a high end plant nursery.  It was outdoors for 8 hours, even in the scorching summer heat.  But it was really great; I learned so many things about plants and how to care for them.  Unfortunately though, I don’t have a green thumb!
Q: What is your day like at work? What is the first and last thing you do while at the office? 
A: It is very busy; there are constant problems to solve and fires to put out.  Most days are spent answering emails from consultants to identify solutions to construction questions that are encountered out in the field.  The project I’m currently working on, is in the construction phase,
so it’s exciting to go on site and  see the way our documents come together…to create a built space.
Q: What has been your best career achievement thus far?
A: Honestly, getting hired to work on the largest project in the US was very exciting.  Most architects will not work on this many buildings concurrently or over a lifetime in their entire profession and I get to be part of this so young in my career.  I also am very grateful and honored to work for one of the top 5 ranked firms in the world.  There is so much opportunity and room to grow here It is exciting to know, that potentially in the future, I would have the option to work on more prestigious projects around the world and even relocate there if needed! 
Q: What advice would give other beauties & brains that are looking for a career in architecture?
A: Approach Architecture with an open mind.  Not everyone gets to rush out of school to become a top designer at a firm.  Design is very important to the profession but there is a misconception and to some somewhat of a disappointment,  when you find yourself on the more technical side of architecture vs. the creative.  The profession is about evolving, about building a personal encyclopedia of knowledge which you can take with you and apply on whatever type of project you work on.  Whether it’s in design or in technical aspects; never stop learning, never be afraid to ask questions, and never limit your possibilities because the first person didn't give you an answer.
Oh, yes and start studying for your A.R.E.’s because life gets busy!