A little fun flirting
When it comes to entertainment of the opposite sex,
we all like to 
bat an eye, talk sweet and have the butterflies.

But when is it okay to flirt? Should you flirt only if you're single?
Or is it okay if you're in a relationship or married?

Londa Answers:
Before I start, I must say this is a matter of my own opinion, live your life as you will. 
Now, that that formality is out the way, lets talk.  

I totally think it is healthy to flirt!
Both single and married alike. 

The key to flirting is having boundaries. Flirting comes with a cost if not properly done
here are some rules to help you: 
1. Go ahead and look, just don't stare. 

2. Let the other person mind wonder...
for example, :"accidentally" touch, tease a bit, 
this will help to get the person engaged and wonder if you're interested or not., 
uh, hello, wondering. 

3. Smile! Smiling allows you to show off not only your lovely teeth,
 but send a subliminal sexual signal, according to Judi James, Invisalign Ambassador. 

4. Ask questions, not interview questions, but questions, like 
"I'm thinking of getting my hair cut", then show him by touching your hair the style your thinking, "what do you think, do you think I could get away with this style?"

5. Compliment him, but not too much.  
For example, say " did you notice those ladies checking you out?", this provides him confidence and he thinks you pay close attention to body language. 

Now for my relationship + married folks, while I think it is okay to flirt, 
I suggest flirting with your partner. 
Play as if it is the first day you met. This can lead to arousal for both of you. 
If your out with your girls/guys, feel free to flirt 
but be sure to go home to the one you love at the end of the night. 

I hope these rules answered your questions. Now go flirt! 

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