Today I am struggling to feel great or even good, 
I have a ton of stress going on in my life and don't like to discuss with people most days. 
Today will be no different, for some reason or another I don't feel 100% comfortable unleashing my drama onto strangers via the world wide web my readers,
heck most people who read dR, I would guess, come by for positive, fun and uplifting things. 
So in keeping with that idea, I have rounded up a few of my favorite beauty images. 
I hope you like them and more importantly understand, 
that I have not yet reached the level of sharing, 
specifically sharing personal details of my life.
Inspired By Flowers. by Richard DunkleyPANTONE Color of the Year 2013  Emerald // Peacockbeautiful color in this shot  
Love itThe Lane
PS, I truly admire those who can comfortably share + hope to one day share with you. 

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