P's AND Q'S: The Corporate Breakfast Club

Many corporate offices have gatherings, i.e. potlucks, breakfast clubs and the like. 
In fact, in my own office we do many of these things, which brings me to the discussion of

Is it okay for a person to partake in eating delectables  
without "paying" their  membership fees? 

Londa Answers: 
It is my opinion, that if you don't put up, shut up, in this case 
don't shove food in your mouth that you didn't bring or pay for. 
It is tacky and selfish, to partake in breakfasts, lunch and or dinners,
if you have NEVER contributed. 

When it comes to potlucks, the idea is for everyone to bring something or pay up,
and if you haven't done either, then why are you present?
I believe these characters selfish people need to be firmly told what "potluck" mean.

What are your thoughts? 
Should a person be told to contribute or to get lost? 

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