Can you believe it is July already? It seems the days just fly by, 
especially at my ripe age of thirty four. Scary!
Regardless of the weekend speed, I definitely feel like I accomplished a few things...
Saturday, the Mr. and I went furniture shopping, we decided to get
this table and these chairs in a custom perennials fabric for our breakfast nook.
Decorating our home is definitely a work in progress and a test of patience, 
the nook still needs new curtains, wall art and lighting. 
Sunday, I attended a class here, it was a ton of fun and I fell in love with this flavor
[and this is coming from someone who is not a chocolate lover].
I also managed to run a few miles on both Saturday and Sunday,
clean house and believe it or not polished my nails twice, 
once in this color and then this color with this on top. 

I hope your weekend was just as fun and productive. 

images //
star & stripes at Highland Village, pottery at West Elm