P's and Q's: Dinner Guest

When is it okay to cancel on friends or plan with friends? Do you ever find yourself over committed? Do you RSVP, then not show up? How do you decide what to do? Does your decision affect your relationships? 

Londa Answers:
For me canceling on a friend is a total NO-NO.
When I make a commitment, I fulfill it. I am not always good when it comes to self commitments but with others I would say I'm reliable. I honestly HATE when I plan a dinner party, an invited guest RSVP, then at the 11th hour calls and say I'm not going to make it, "because my boyfriend this", or "I have nothing to wear" or some other lame ass excuse.  
I kindly say okay and move on.  I have guest to entertain, right? 

How would you handle this situation? 
Do you keep inviting this person or do you just take their RSVP as a "maybe"? 

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