Howdy! And welcome to Monday! 
I am having a great day thus far...
I guess because I did exactly what I said I was going to do...
I got some relaxation! 
On Friday, I had lunch with my best friend Melissa, 
Saturday, I lounged, went to IKEA and had a massage. 
And on Sunday, I had brunch with a good friend
an early dinner with another girlfriend from college. 
It was nice to catch up with my girls. 

Anyhow, my entire reason in traveling to IKEA was to purchase frames
for my recent art [here and here]; 
it is also likely that I will be making a return visit this weekend for this piece
You say, what's up with all the art purchases, well, I am still working on
the decor for my home office.
It is almost complete, Yay! 

I need to add a few more pops of color, so today I am headed over here.