Hey dR readers!
I wanted to give you an update on how the office is going...
its coming along.
Things are almost complete. :-)
As you know hubby + I moved sometime ago into our dream home.
And we are slowly getting it together, first we had to organize + now were in the decor stage.
The first space we decided to do was my office. 
We have bought a new desk, chairs, art, painted the walls + now all that is left 
is more art, a rug + my cork board. 
I am still undecided on how I want to pin...
yeah, yeah, I could just pin to Pintrest but us designers don't function that way.
We must have inspiration that is tangible. ;)
Should I pin the art in framed cork? Or should it be random wall pins like Jenna Lyons below?
What do you think I should do?
I really like the rooms below and this cork I posted here

BTW, I did make one decision on the wall, no wallpaper at least for now;
because the one I choose I like better in the dining room. ;)

images courtesy of  Small Shop Studio [thanks Ericka!] + Lonny Magazine Nov Issue