Support Breast Cancer

Welcome to October. I love October!
Here's why: 
First, October is the month all Houstonians [hell, all Texans]
look forward finally starts to cool down.
We go from 100 degree temps to high 80's.

Second, Halloween! Every Halloween I dress KOSPI in costume,
I'm sure he curses me. 
But what's cuter than a dog in a costume?!

Third, and the most important reason why I look forward to October, 
is the entire country acknowledges breast cancer awareness. 
Heck, even the NFL wears pink!

Which brings me to this, no matter your fashion sense,
we all know someone who has been affected by the disease
and we need to do whatever it take to support the cause. 
You can support by volunteering, donating or shopping. 
Hence, I have put together this BCA shopping book of various items you can purchase 
[all or a portion of the proceeds go to the cause].
I will posting items all month long, 
you can purchase to support breast cancer awareness and research.

PS, Be sure to wear pink this month, even if its just a pink ribbon in your hair.


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