Must Have: Bag Swag

Everyone who knows me, knows that I'm an accessory person. 
I never get tired of shopping for jewelry, shoes and handbags. 
I think there the easiest, clothes are more challenging. Right? 
I change handbags, like I change underwear. Its a daily thing. 
[Okay, maybe that was too much of an analogy, but you get the idea]
I feel like your jewelry, shoes and handbags make a statement,
they change the look of a piece. 
A bag can take it from casual to black-tie. 
And since Fall is right around the corner, I thought I would roundup 
a few bags that would get you through the season. 

[top right to bottom right]
[this coach penny is definitely a must have, 
I have a COACH from 1991 + it looks great]