This week has been really hard, hubby and I have been spending 
most of our days doing house chores
[i.e. an outstanding number of trips to home depot], 
which has left me feeling a bit uninspired.  
Thus, I have put this inspiration board together
will stare at it until I get my mojo back.
[left to right]
I found the scarf at ZARA [similar here and here],
 I have an obsession with skulls, don't ask me why. 
My friend Melissa, says she doesn't get it.  
I think its because everyone's got one.  And they all are the same.

Mommy! I love my mother, she is such a strong and passionate person.  She inspires me daily. 

My mother inspires me so much,  that I felt like fixing her heart shaped brownies. 

I recently found I out how delicious nutella is + now I'm hooked.
But if I don't stop eating it,  I will not be able to fit in my ANTHRPOLOGIE pilcros.

Being the "artsy-fartsy" that I am, I had to get my hands on a 
MADE BY GIRL love poster. And the skull art, oh la la [found it on]. 

And for the grand finale, 
They are a must have for this fall + winter. 


I Heart