I Heart

The "I Heart" series is my favorite, but I must say, that this week, 
I didn't see many things that I'm totally in love with.  
It could be that I've been extremely tired,
it could be that I did too much fashion shopping last week
 it could be my lack of body love this week
[I have not been working out, which ultimately leave me feeling like I don't like this on my body!]
It could be a combination of these things. 
I'm really not quite sure. I can't put my finger on it. 
But I did manage to fall in love with a few pieces...like this owl jar from Anthropologie
I saw it some time back while out on a Saturday shopping rampage, 
I adore it, love how it's winking at you. 
As if to say, oh, don't worry I won't tell anyone that's your third cookie. ;-)

And because I'm feeling body conscious lately, 
Which of course, I had to jazz up with jewelry [necklace + bracelet],
shoes [sandals + boots] and a handbag

And finally these pajamas!