Must Have: Ventilation

Hi guys!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Mine was an interesting one. Do you mind if I share?
Okay, here goes...
FRIDAY, I spent hours on end at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale
 [ I met up with my friend Alex there].
Here's what I wore
 BANANA REPUBLIC criss cross shirt  ZARA snake skirt 
FOREVER 21 ring

After hours of shopping we had lunch at SAKS 51fifteen, where I had the best Corn Chowder ever, here's a similar recipe and here.

On SATURDAY, still exhausted from shopping I spent the early part of my day catching up on blogs + television. Later, hubby [Aaron] and I went to my parents, where we had endless political debates.
[BTW, why did I put Aaron name in brackets, like I have more than one husband?]

SUNDAY, Aaron and I did some spring cleaning, this is where my weekend went sour.  Our pipe to the washing machine broke.  Water was everywhere...literally!  Ultimately, our carpet areas were damaged, especially the area where we had a rug.  The dyes from the rug stained onto the carpet.    

Anyhow, because of this water incident I need to take the rest of this day off. 
I hope you understand. I'll hopefully be back tomorrow. 

BTW, here's what I nabbed from Nordstrom 
can't wait to wear

oh, and this from SAKS

you can get yours here