Hi there everyone! 
As you know, I have been one busy bee. 
You may have read that we had a flood in our apartment, but what I hadn't yet shared is that we were also in the process of finding a home.  
Well, we found one, completed the inspection and then unexpected got "the" phone call.  
Last Wednesday, July 25 we received a call from our realtor saying we were "clear to close" at 11:30am.  
Meaning, we can go into the title company office, sign and it would be ours.  And so we did. 
We spent  the rest of Wednesday and the entire weekend packing and moving. 
Yes, we moved that quick. We are still unpacking boxes but we've moved. 
We got a house!
 As you can see the house is ranch style with huge oak trees.  Between the trees and the wood shutters, we feel in love.  
This is truly a blessing, because we were able to find a home that met our needs and more surprisingly, our wants.  
I am so excited to decorate!!  Although I have had a few moments of feeling a bit overwhelmed.
It seems it is much easier to decorate a 900 sq. foot apartment versus a 2400 sq. foot house.  But I know I can do it.  
In fact, I have already started.  So, far I have purchased our desks, see his and mine [both in white].  
Yes, I know his is a table, but it had to match mine and needed to fit his measurement requirements. Smiling!  
I think it will be okay.  What do you think?  
I also have managed to order my Victoria Ghost Chair for the master suite vanity.  I'm super stoked about this piece.  
Anyhow, thanks for being patient on my lack of post lately, I plan to get back to business very soon.  

PS,  Once things start coming together here, I will share photos. 

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