We Heart the Rainbow Effect

One can enjoy a rainbow without necessarily forgetting the forces that made it"
-Mark Twain

Growing up, I was obsessed with Rainbow Brite.  She was the epitome of my fashion...
I wore bright colors, funky socks + crazy girl pigtails. 

And now the rainbow colors are back...all smiles here. 

Check out Christopher Kane Resort 2012 Collection
Chris, was born in the 80's [I'm a couple years his senior ;-) ] the youngest of five was born a designer.  He knew what he wanted to do at a very young age; and in 2005 [age 23] he was recognized for his work by Lancome, winning the Colour Award.  This also nabbed the attention of famous design Donatella Versace + Kane a job [working on Versace Atelier Collection].

Shortly thereafter, he established his own label with sister Tammy Kane. 
Chris first show was held September 20, 2006...the collection consisted of super-short bandage dresses in neon shades. Kane said of his collection that he "only used neon last year because it was [his] first collection and I wanted to go as bright as possible."

And here in 2012 Chris is keeping the trend going + we ♥ it. 
See his entire Resort Collection here.

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