Happy Shopping!

I know I know...where have we been?

Well, we have been traveling + checking out what the world has to offer for the holidays.
Here are a few cool gifts we found...you can use them to make work flirty + fun:

Bright Lights, BIG City, Naughty Office

Fontaine Maury - Brown Strawberry Monogram Tray
A plus R Store - Vista Allegre's Fun Cafe Espresso 6 Piece Set
PANTONE Flash Drive in 314C

WeSC Headphones - Vibrant Yellow

PS, Don't forget after New Years comes L-O-V-E.
Help celebrate the one you love with a KDS Valentines Greeting!

Happy Holidays!

It's spring time! And we've got plenty of pretty pastels!

Got Pantone? What about...