Just sharing a bit of information here...

Our nation has been facing extreme changes, our economy has been on a down fall for numerous years, but it recently has caught everyone’s attention with all the layoffs + all. Thus, tonight, I wanted to share a few pieces of information I read in "How Design" publication.

So, here goes...
1. MUST stay innovative (This is just part of KDS' missions).
2. Please your customer the first time + they will become a client.
3. Be negotiable, not just with price tags. But be willing to give to charities.
4. Listen 2 your client. Most designers struggle with this, because instead of doing what is asked,
we do what we want + like as designers. Keep in mind clients do not understand the "Why".
5. Have integrity. If you don't know how, then be honest + tell the client "I just don't know how
this can be done".
6. The MOST important rule: Follow your design heart!

I hope you find this information helpful. To review the full article, please visit: http://www.howdesign.com/article/pricingwork/

PS, Did you set your clock 1 hour ahead?


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