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Howdy Everyone,

First I wanted to say we are still working on our new corporate identity for 2009 so please be patient. We have not forgot about the logo. The business cards are 50% there but the logo is still in progress. Soon, we may consider sending out a voting poll, thus our clients and admirers can select our logo. Best out of three, maybe?!

Second, we will be having our year end sale very soon; beginning in November. We will send out a coupon for your use. The coupon will offer a % off services from November 08 - February 15-09. Good Huh? So, be sure to check your email frequently for this promo + future KDS promos, announcements, etc.

Third, well honestly there is no third. Just keep coming and checking out our blog.

C-Ya Soon,

PS, If you currently do not receive email from KDS + would like to. PLEASE send your contact information (i.e. your name + email) to contact@kaleidoscopedesignstudios.com

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