Whatever You Like

Since, I am new 2 the blog thing. I have been wandering the internet, checking out other design blogs. Here are a few I like, let me know whatcha think!

1. Creative Curio - A blog where you can learn all kinds of graphic design techniques.

2. I Love Typography - Dedicated 2 fonts + typeface. + as we all know fonts can change the
look of an entire design.

3. Decor 8 - I like this site because it ventures into a different realm of design. Just like many
other graphic designers...we enjoy furniture design stationary, and fashion. I love this site
simply because it gives fresh concepts + ideas from a interior design perspective.

Anyhow, I can go on and on. But that would take centuries. So, check these out + let me know what you think. If you have any you want 2 share...give us a buzz.


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