Let's Collaborate!

If you’re interested in collaborating on editorial content or events please contact stylefragment@gmail.com

Tree & Interior Holiday Decorating

$50.00 an hour for decorating services

Need Help? 
with a holiday theme? what about decor shopping? 

$25.00 an hour for shopping on your behalf, 4 shopping hours and a $250.00 decor package/supplies minimum required

Want your gifts to match your holiday theme?
Gift Wrapping Is Available*

$10 for small gifts like perfume, jewelry, and ornaments
$12 for medium gifts like shirts, mugs, shoes, calendars, books, and Barbies
$14 for large gifts like robes, shoulder bags, laptops, Lego sets, and footballs
$16 for extra large gifts like basketballs, gaming systems, baby furniture, parkas, and small appliances
$20+ for bigger, crazy-shaped items - nothing is too large or too oddly shaped for me!

*pricing includes wrapping paper, bows/ribbon, and boxes
$25 minimum on gift wrapping in Style Fragment Studios
Travel Wrapping is $50 minimum fee, plus gift wrapping fees

Space Organization & Interior Design

4 hours, $400
includes organizing one room and creating a luxe living space. 

8 hours, $700
includes organizing two rooms and creating two luxe living space. 

If contractors or other vendors are required additional fees will be incurred. 

Property Photography

1 hour interior & exterior shoot, $100
Includes 30 high res images

2 hour interior & exterior shoot, $300
Includes 50+ high res images

Real Estate

Real Estate fees are charge according to contracts, implemented by Texas Real Estate Commission. Typically, a 3% minimum fee of sales or purchase price.