The Phone Report

The Phone Report

Hi. And happy Friday! I saw this cool piece in WSJ (Wall Street Journal) and thought I would do something similar, especially since we use our telephones so much these days, talk, chat, order food, find dates, make travel plans and so much more from our phones. Today, I’m starting this serious with my phone, giving you all the details.

iPhone 7
Case: None, and I’ve cracked it multiple times, so I don’t recommend going without one.
Homescreen: Watercolor Art from Angela Mondloch of Saffron Avenue

Who did I talk with last? And for how long?
My ex-husband. 25 seconds.

First app checked this morning
Planoly. Checking my feed goals! What am I posting today and does it make sense? I love a good looking feed. Isn’t that what Instagram for, great visuals and caption?!

Speaking of apps, here are my most-used apps
Instagram, Calculator, Podcasts, Overdrive, Planoly, and VSCO. I love a good playlist, so Spotify is a must.

Favorite food app
Yelp. I love reading peoples opinion, some are extremely ridiculous and comical. Plus, I get to see what the food looks like before giving it a taste. This can be extremely mouthwatering.

An app I should delete
Six Pack. For obvious reasons. I don’t have one and haven’t put in the work to get one.

Game App I play the most
Solitaire, followed by Tic-Tac-Toe. I kick ass in Tic-Tac-Toe!

The last person I had a FaceTime with
That’s easy, my mom. I don’t FaceTime people; she sometimes FaceTime me, mostly when she feels she hasn’t seen my face in a while.

At what battery percentage do I feel compelled to charge my phone?
When the battery icon is red.

Where did I Uber or Lyft last?
To a restaurant from my hotel in Austin, TX. The cheapest ride ever, a whopping $5.10.

Most listed to playlist on Spotify
Starred. It’s a mix of everything.

Favorite Podcasts
RuPaul: What’s the tee? with Michelle Visage, Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown with Casey Wilson and Danielle Schnieder, Yes, Girl! and Bon Appetit Foodcast. All entertaining and educational.

Since I don’t use the Six Pack app, what fitness app do I actually use?
OVIA, not exactly fitness more for health, like tracking my period. But I’ll likely use the Adidas app in February since it’s my dry month, I’ll have to do something all that extra time.

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