Hello, my name is Yolanda.

And welcome to my personal style portfolio.  For ten years now, Style Fragment has been the place to get the latest on fashion, interiors, travel, food, beauty and now real estate.  When I'm away from Style Fragment, I focus on my full time work as a Licensed Realtor.  I'm new to real estate (only a little over a year) but have significant experience in interior design and space organization.  Prior to becoming a realtor, I spent over a decade marketing for domestic and international Architecture and Engineering firms.  I designed and solicited our business to hundreds of clients.  During this time, I also completed numerous interior design projects, where I designed, organized and managed clients interior spaces.  As a Style Blogger & Realtor, I make it my business to create a luxurious lifestyle for my clients.
Making their everyday extraordinary.   

When I'm not working, my joy centers around my dog Kospi.  Together, we run, play, travel and get projects done.

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